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Music City BBQ Festival 2010

Music City BBQ Fest is one of the events we look forward to every year.  What could be better than having a BBQ contest right off of Broadway in downtown Nashville, TN? Arlie Bragg puts on a great contest, and we always have a great time at his events.

Since Nashville is the home of our biggest sponsor, Flat Earth Networking, we hold a BBQ luncheon for their customers and employees.  Check Point Software Technologies helped sponsor this year’s luncheon and we had a huge turn out with 127 guests.  Luckily, Greg smoked 10 butts the weekend before to save us some time and energy.  We warmed the butts up on the smoker and they tasted just like they were freshly cooked.  We also had ribs, potato salad, slaw and banana pudding.  Special thanks to Do’ Rag Que and Gooby’s for all of their help.

As we did last year, we held a dinner party for friends and family.  However, this year we partnered with the Do’ Rag Que gang and combined efforts.  Between both teams, we had approximately 70 guests for dinner.  The two teams put together a spread of food to rival most restaurants.   We served award winning BBQ pork and ribs, pecan encrusted pork tenderloin pinwheels, spicy beef kabobs on minted watermelon salad, homemade baked beans stuffed in colored smoked bell peppers, stacked cornbread salsa salad, spicy cole slaw and banana pudding.  After the feast, we got to hang out for an hour or so and visit with friends and family.  Then we went right into cooking our competition meats.

Cooking in downtown Nashville at any time is a great experience.  Saturday brought about many an interesting person.  We had groups of people come by and watch us prepare our competition meats and ask great questions.  (Word of caution, if you are at an event, don’t just reach your hand over and try and grab meat; you might just find yourself listening to one of my tirades.)  Debora Evans and Stephanie Love, our Team Ambassadors, were a tremendous help. They have no idea how much their efforts were appreciated.

Even though it felt like we were in another zip code, we managed to get all of our turn-in to the tent on time.  The 4 to 5 minute walk seemed to be longer than it really was.  Greg and Elizabeth Flatt managed the turn-ins with one person carrying the box and the other acting as a blocker to work through the crowd.  Even though we were tired from all of the extra cooking, we felt good about our turn-ins.  Not our best, but definitely not our worst.  At this point, it is all in the judges’ hands.

Once brisket was turned in, we all collapsed in chairs to reflect on the day.  Knowing that we were not heading out that night, we took it easy for a while.  Me being me, I started cleaning up some, so as to not have it all pile on me at once.  Plus, we had to start cooking for dinner that night.  I was planning on having smoked salmon with a wasabi honey glaze, but as I unwrapped the salmon, I noticed that it was all bad.  Three whole filets down the drain.  Oh well, we had some pork tenderloin medallions left that we could cook along with some “redneck hors d’oeuvres”  (sausage, cheese, peppers and pickles).

But before dinner, we packed up and took the long walk from Molloy all of the way down to the river front park for the awards ceremony.  There was a huge turn out for awards, and we parked ourselves down, front and center.  Luckily, the awards were not long and drawn out.  The announcers basically got right down to business.  After calling the back yard division and the ancillary categories, they went right into the KCBS calls.  To our surprise, we got the very first call for a 5th place in chicken.  Boy were we surprised and elated.  After all of the extra stuff we did for this event, and as tired as we were, we were ecstatic with the call.  Greg Flatt, Sena Flatt, Mark (Sparky) Kirsch and myself went up on stage and collected our prize.  Unfortunately, it was our only call.  However, we finished with a 5th place in chicken, 13th place in ribs, 25th place in pork and 25th place in brisket with a 14th place overall spot.  Again, can I say we were ecstatic with the results?!

Special congratulations go out to Warren County Pork Choppers for their first Grand Champion.  Way to go guys!  We are happy that we were there to be a part of it!  Also, congratulations to Jiggy Piggy for their Reserve call, House of Q for another great performance, and to Swiggin’ Pig for a Perfect, Perfect 180.

Lastly, we would like to thank our good friends Mark and Cindy Kirsch for all of their help and support.  Mark and Cindy flew in from some snow bound, glacier filled place in Canada (Berry, Ontario) just to be with us and help out for this event.  I am still floored that they didn’t close down the Stage on Saturday night.  Thanks, guys!  You are the best!

No time for the weary.  Thanks to Billy Do’Rag Carroll for sticking around with me Saturday night and helping me get packed up Sunday morning.  After that, I dropped the RV at the KOA in Nashville and headed home to wash clothes and see the family for a couple of days.  We will be heading out again on Wednesday to get ready and set up for Pig’n in the Grove in College Grove, TN.  Hope to see you there!






0 # mark 2010-09-11 10:57
It ia always great fun travelling down to see you guys and help out. it was great that you were flying that Canadian flag in our hounor. You are most likely the only international team in KCBA and you should be proud of it. Do you think next year you could book some travel expence in the budget for the international contingent (just Kidding) see you guys in a few weeks...Mark and Cindy
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0 # DoRag 2010-09-21 19:44
Congrats a a great call @ Nastyville!
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